Attorney-at-law Viktoria Yankova

Viktoria Yankova


Field of expertise: legal representation in civil, commercial and administrative cases

Attorney-at-law Viktoria Yankova has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of corporate law (banks, commercial representatives, manufacturers and others) and the activity of non-profit legal entities.

She takes part in consultations regarding the transposition of European directives into national legislation in the fields of commercial and corporate law, electronic management, etc.

Viktoria represents individuals and legal entities before the Bulgarian courts in legal disputes regarding the effects of contracts, claims for compensation from illegal activities of state authorities, merchant insolvency, contestation of administrative acts. 

She also provides consultations on labor issues, prepares all necessary labor documentation for an enterprise with regard to protecting both parties’ interests.  

Besides all that Viktoria is the Vice President of the Disciplinary Commission of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, member of the Legal Commission of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, an arbitrator at the Bulgarian Sport Arbitration. 

Thanks to her wide expertise, she also organizes and prepares documents related to general meetings of sports federations.