Assistant Attorney Stanimir Borisov

Stanimir Borisov


Field of expertise: corporate law, intellectual property protection, property law, AML compliance, labor law, tax law, administrative litigation.

Assistant attorney Stanimir Borisov is skilled at providing advice regarding the incorporation, structuring and restructuring of legal entities as well as consulting on the aspects of commercial deals and corporate structuring, related to the relevant tax and insurance legislation. 

Stanimir also provides comprehensive legal advice regarding the creation and transfer of property rights on immovable property. He also prepares full anti-money laundering (AML) documentation and advises on any communication with the competent authorities.  

He has participated in various procedures in front of the Bulgarian Patent office, the EUIPO and the WIPO. He provides a wide range of consulting services to our clients. 

Stanimir is also supporting our legal work in the field of environmental protection.