Photo of Attorney-at-law Radina Vakrilova

Radina Vakrilova


Field of expertise: litigation, contract law, real estate and construction law, matrimonial and domestic violence protection cases, enforcement cases, international sports arbitration

Zest for winning lawsuits based on over 6 years in the courtroom and a total of twice as much legal experience. Attorney-at-law Radina Vakrilova specializes in trial and civil litigation in various areas of law. She has litigated cases in the areas of contract, real estate and construction law, matrimonial cases, Domestic Violence Protection Act cases, enforcement cases, and has participated in cases before international sports arbitration courts. 

When she is working on a case, she is in her zone – in her opinion, it is exactly the trials that involve all the legal activities: not only the action in court, but also the preparation before and during the trial with client calls, research, analysis, strategies and this is what motivates and energizes her. 

Att. Vakrilova has also undergone a number of legal trainings, including training on the Land Development Act and construction law, and drafting legal documents in English. At the beginning of 2024 she took part in a practical course on violence against women and domestic violence under the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals – HELP training programme. 

Outside of the courtroom and casework, Radina tries to unwind through sports and music festivals so that she has enough energy and clear judgment when she gets back to work. When it comes to sports, she doesn’t limit herself to just one: in the summer she indulges in cycling, tennis and volleyball, and when winter comes, she hits the slopes and alternates between skiing and snowboarding. 

She says that one of her favourite pieces of literature is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. The novel was one of the first signs to her that this was the professional path she should take one day.