Jessica Spasova


Jessica Spasova combines work, study, extracurricular activities and charity with enviable success. Only in her third year of law studies at Sofia University, she has already participated in two national human rights competitions and is about to participate in a third competition, this time in the field of international law – the Telders International Moot Court Competition, in The Hague in spring 2024. She and our colleague Alexandra will represent Bulgaria at this competition. The team will have only two more people.  

In addition, since her first year, Jessica is an active member of the European Law Students Association (ELSA) and has participated in the organization of two summer educational exchanges for law students from Europe and two charity balls: one for the “Bulgarian Christmas” charity initiative and one for the “Stoyan Kambarev” Foundation. 

Aside from her formal activities, Jessica has also volunteered at a nursing home in her home city Plovdiv, where she shared her Saturdays in games and conversations with the residents. 

Jessica says that exactly helping people is one of the things that makes her feel really good and fills her with meaning. It’s actually the reason she took the path of law that eventually led her to the YNG Legal team. So, with the experience she already gained during her student years so far, Jessica went on to the next more significant level of her development as a professional, this time helping people in need with her legal expertise.