Bulgarian History

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Bulgarian History Association works towards refreshing historical memory, strengthening national pride, reviving forgotten personalities and episodes from the near and distant past.

The main task for the Bulgarian History Association is the preservation and promotion of the native past through active publishing and production activities.
The organization is the owner of BULGARIANHISTORY.ORG – the most visited historical platform in Bulgaria, and BULGARIANHISTORY.SHOP – an online store with more than 100 educational publications.

Their mission is to reach everyone who is interested in the popular science aspect of history, and their priority is the younger generation. This is why they have been actively and voluntarily visiting schools across the country since 2013. In the last 10 years, the team has met over 10,000 students from 250 locations.

Bulgarian History is the winner of the prestigious 2020 Site of the Year awards for overall contribution and the Golden Lion for the publishing project with the greatest public significance.

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