Who are we?

Our legal practice was established in 2008 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We created the company to combine the legal expertise and extensive business experience of our partners.

The team of YNG Legal law firm is devoted to providing high quality consulting services for the target markets across the European Union, UK and the US based on the involvement of experienced teams of local and foreign experts with a wealth of practical experience, with respect of highest quality standards.

Our goal is to provide our clients with multiple years of experience and expertise in project development. The areas of our expertise cover intellectual property and IT; taxation; real estate; public procurement and project development; personal data; banking and finance; capital markets; energy; corporate law; litigation; mergers and acquisitions; competition.

Our business networks and specialized market knowledge have gained us the recognition as one of the leading boutique law firms operating in these fields.

Ever since its establishment YNG Legal law firm has provided full legal support for its clients with a view to the actual business purposes behind the legal issues.

Our goal is to provide our clients with information which we have accumulated due to our lengthy experience and excellent expertise in the development of projects in the fields of tax consultations; IT and telecommunications; innovations and intellectual property protection; personal data protection, as well as in the fields of labour and commercial law.


Our mission is to assist our clients with achieving their business goals and work together on the challenges along the way.
We at YNG Legal guarantee support in every stage of a project development – from conception to implementation.

Short Facts About
YNG Legal law firm


In 2014 we took part in all stages of the acquisition of “AQ Plastronic” AD (Veliko Tarnovo), and since then, we are considered a trusted partner of the Swedish AQ Group in every significant project, and also provide legal services to the AQ Electric (Radomir), and AQ Magnit (Godech) plants.


A team we are part of – TAO Wellness, participated in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas – the world’s premier electronics expo. TAO Wellness became CES 2014 awards finalist with their isometric exercise system. We assisted TAO in obtaining patent and trademark protection for their inventions and have, since then, closely partnered with them, providing Intellectual property and other legal services.


In 2017 we became a part of the team of BitCoin Gold (BTG). We took part in the structuring and preparation of the initial coin offering (ICO), participating in the drafting of BTG’s White paper. Since the successful launch of the coin, we have remained a close partner of the project, providing IP and other legal services.


We were proactive in helping our clients ensure their activities were compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) at its initial date of applicability. We have also been performing the duties of a Data protection officer on behalf of our clients, responding to complaints and inquiries by data subjects and protecting our clients’ interests before data protection authorities.


Experts from our team, alongside the collective rights management organization Artistauthor, took part in the working groups organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of culture and tasked with preparing the draft amendments, transposing two EU Directives 789/2019 and 790/2019 into Bulgarian copyright legislature. We take on an active role in informing legislators of the challenges and possibilities presented to copyright holders by the currently expanding digital content market.


We started working very closely with several software providers and the legal issues they are facing in their day-to day business activities.  Our team’s main focus is the protection of our clients’ digital assets and the entire commercial contractual set up that corresponds best to our clients’ needs. Our vast experience in the area is put in good use by matching the requirements our clients have.